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The Honey Dripper is a student-run editing blog at Savannah College of Art and Design, dedicated to helping students who create illustrations, conceptual art, comics and other styles promote and network within their desired fields. This project is still active and I am currently an editor for it. 

recently published articles

A Beginner's Guide to comic cons 

A 'how to' style article with 5 basic tips on how to go about comic conventions. 

How inktober rose and fell...
And rose again


An informational article on the history of the popular art event known as Inktober. 

current draft


I am currently working on an article in which I go over the interview questions I asked indie comic artist Kevin Betou during an interview with him this fall. 

While this article is yet to be published, I was honored to have been able to had the chance to talk to one of my inspirations to make such a column.

Other contributions

Untitled_Artwork 286.png
Untitled_Artwork 285.png
Untitled_Artwork 284.png

Besides writing articles, I greatly enjoy helping run mini-events and making merchandise for the Honey Dripper. Above are a couple button designs I created, and below you can stay updated with our events via instagram!

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