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Trusty Mr. Bartender is a passion project based on the characters of the video game Cookie Run Kingdom. It's a non-profit spin off comic made simply to be enjoyed by those around the world who want to see these characters in a darker, drearier environment. 

This is an ongoing comic series that is over two hundred pages long, and verging on being one year old. While I have editing and additional art done by those I recruited, the comic panels, the plot line, and the cover art seen below was created by me.  

Untitled_Artwork 293.png

recent released panels

The official instagram is where you can read the entirety of what's currently public, while Youtube currently has the prologue and chapter 1 available to read. 

additionally made splash art 

'The Vampire', 2022, Procreate
'The Mutant', 2022, Procreate
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