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about me 

Reese Whipple is an artist currently attending Savannah College of Art and Design, majoring in Visual Effects with a side passion for illustration. Before college, they attended Miramonte High School where their art won several awards, such as The Lesher Award twice for best editorial cartoon, and the Outstanding Artist Award for Contra Costa County's Mocktrial tournament- their art still being on the homepage to this day! Reese is currently staying active in the art community by contributing to SCAD's Honey Dripper as well as rough animating for a developing film called Zap!

Reese is always looking for new opportunities to expand their knowledge on the world and take on new projects in their artistic career. Never hesitate to reach out to one of the contacts below, or keep up with their art feed by following QLARALEIN on Instagram! Inquires for internships or collaborative projects will always be veiwed and considered. 


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