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life studies

'Cabin Fever', Procreate, 2022
'Tribute to Roger', 2022, Acrylic Paint
'Morning Catch', 2022, Procreate
'Tybee Objects', 2022, Graphite
'Hope', 2020, Adobe Photoshop
'Syrian Girl', 2020, Acrylic Paint
'Twins', 2021, Oil Pastel
'Tiger Eyes', 2020, Colored Pencil
'The Things They Carried' 2022, Graphite
'Solider', 2022, Procreate

creative concept

'Welcome to Savannah', 2022, Procreate
'Downtime', 2022, Procreate
'The Gingerbread Factory', 2022, Procreate
'When It Rains', 2022, Procreate
'God's Hands At Work', 2021, Adobe Photoshop
'Candle Head', 2022, Procreate
'The One Who Didn't Mind', 2020, Adobe Photoshop
'Allegory of the Cave', 2021, Adobe Photoshop
Tribute to Takashi, 2020, Colored Pencil


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