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My Best Friend is an eighty second short film about letting go of a dying pet. 

Besides the music, the entirety of this film was created by me. 

Because I was doing the entirety of this film in the span of three weeks, pre-production was rough and concise. 

Character designs were made simple, the story was the focus.


The film follows a tetrahedral color scheme, the entirety being blue, purple, red, and orange. By doing this I was able to make a softer scheme that felt dreary on earth and calming in heaven.

Screen Shot 2023-01-17 at 8.52.21 PM.png

"While the themes of my piece depict the end of something important to me, the overall intentions were to further myself towards a new beginning. I didn’t like myself in high school, nor do I look back at those years with fond memories… The purpose of this film was to help myself turn the most difficult part of my life into a concluded chapter of my story. As I tried my hardest to survive my teenage years, I saw my cat Peepers as my emotional crutch through all my problems. There were times in my life in which I genuinely felt she was the only one who truly cared about me. When I contemplated leaving this planet early, I thought about the impact it would have on her. She had already been abandoned by two owners before me, and just imagining her sitting on my bed, waiting for me to come home without knowing where I went? I couldn’t do that to her, and because of this connection she saved me. I’m still here today because I couldn't abandon my best friend.

It’s not perfect, and looking back at it, I see a bunch of tiny mistakes. But it's an improvement from my past animations, and that’s what matters in the end; that I’m doing my best, and getting better."

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